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Virginia Governor Launches Oyster Trail

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Press Releases

Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe has launched a Virginia Oyster trail for visitors to the state to enjoy, and has also declared November as Virginia Oyster Month.

The trail connects travellers to seven oyster regions from Coastal Virginia all the way to Virginia’s Eastern shore. Each region has its own distinct taste of oyster, meaning the trail will cater for all taste buds. Visitors can try the creamy oysters of Upper Bay Western Shore, or the zingy tang of Tidewater oysters, whilst also testing the Virginian wines and craft beers along the way.

The project hopes to give more opportunities for Virginian watermen in the Chesapeake Bay, as well as other marine businesses included in the trail, such as the oyster purveyors and raw bars.

Virginia Oyster Month means a cause for further celebration. The trail celebrates this, as well as Virginia being named Oyster Capital of the East Coast, by allowing visitors to try each region’s wild-caught and farm-raised delicacies and experience the watermen’s culture.

Find out more about the Virginia Oyster trail on www.virginiaoystertrail.com


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