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Snap any charity logo to instantly donate

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Blog

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Donating to a charity or good cause is something that everyone feels good about. Getting round to doing it is another thing entirely however, and door-to-door fundraisers and ‘chuggers‘ usually inspire more bad moods than good. People don’t always have the right amount of money at hand and don’t want to sign up for long term agreements. We’ve already seen ideas such as the Ecosia search engine, which sends all of its profits to users’ chosen charities, provide a way to donate without thinking. Now SnapDonate is also making giving easier by letting people donate to any charity simply by scanning their logo whenever they see it.

The app uses image recognition and a database of over 13,000 UK organizations, which means that users can point their camera at a charity logo and it will be automatically recognized. After confirming the correct charity has been selected, they then pick a donation amount — anywhere from GBP 2 to GBP 50 — to send the money. Powered by popular UK donation site JustGiving, the app even works offline — as soon as users regain an internet connection the donation is completed. Although the app is UK-based, SnapDonate can also be used internationally, but any gifts will go the UK branch of the chosen charity. The app is available for bothiOS and Android devices.
Watch the following video to learn more about how the app works: