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Smart whiteboard syncs meeting notes to any device in real time

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Blog

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Office presentations have become a lot more complicated. What used to be a few people round a table with a whiteboard on the wall now needs to incorporate digital data and multimedia presentations, as well as patch in remote workers. We recently wrote about Blrt, an app that lets teams share documents with real-time drawing and voice commenting. Now SMART kapp has reimagined the whiteboard as a smart device that automatically syncs meeting notes to colleagues’ mobile devices.

SMART kapp is essentially a whiteboard that can be used with any standard dry erase marker, with a few digital extras. Anyone in the room can connect their mobile device to the board to use the SMART kapp app. From there, they can stream any notes made on the board in real time to their own device or to someone else’s in a remote location. At the end of the session, a copy of the notes is recorded as a JPG or PDF so that it can be sent to other relevant colleagues or clients. Users can also choose to record the session, which captures all of the notes made to be played back at a later date.

Watch the video below to learn more about SMART kapp:

The device costs USD 899 and is available from any of SMART kapp’s partner stores. Are there other pieces of office equipment that could be given a digital makeover?

Website: www.smartkapp.com
Contact: www.twitter.com/smartcollab