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Smart technology app simplifies travel admin by reading your emails

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Blog

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As chatbots become more realistic, artificial intelligence is relied upon for an increasing number of administrative purposes. Springwise has looked at a few chatbot applications that streamline travel. Users can book hotels that best suit their needs and budget through TravelBuddy‘s messenger bot. And 30SecondsToFly‘s bot allows those making a business trip to oversee all aspects of corporate travel via text message. Now Easythingy turns users’ emails into a travel app.

The app syncs with an email account, using keywords to pull out emails that relate to travel plans, for example: airplane tickets; car and hotel bookings; and itineraries. It then compiles the information in the emails into one single screen which allow users to navigate their trip more easily. Additional features are included like the option to view their hotel on a map or set reminders automatically based on due dates captured from emails. Customers can still access their original confirmation emails by tapping. To further lighten the admin load for travellers, Easythingy has also launched the EasyBot chatbot that directly answers any questions they have about their trip.

Abdul Rehman, Easythingy CEO, explains the revenue possibilities of the app: “By opening the doors to bookings and reservations, we improve our business model significantly, as we’re able to take a cut of any bookings.” Having an AI assistant to trawl through your email and pick out the relevant information is clearly helpful – could this facility be used to streamline other areas of our life?

Website: www.easythingy.com