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Site offers users cash for their travel reviews

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Blog

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Travel review sites are filled with thousands — even millions — of consumer stories from their own experiences of different destinations, venues and activities. However, if a reader finds a positive review of a location and subsequently pays a visit, it’s often the site, rather than the reviewer, that gets commission for creating the lead, if anyone at all. Yonderbound is a new site that pays travelers for posting their opinions and generating hotel sales.

Users simply write reviews of the hotels, hostels and resorts they’ve visited much like they would on any other site, adding in their personal knowledge and insight. Reviews can be grouped by theme or location to create a travel guide called a Yonderbox. Every time a reader clicks through to place a hotel booking from the review, the writer gains Yondercredits in the form of 70 percent of any profit the site makes. Each review continues to make money so long as readers carry on booking their holiday through the site. The credits can then be redeemed to pay for the writer’s next trip.

Watch the video below to learn more about Yonderbound: