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Sacrifice Rest for some of the Best

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Blog

By Sarah Holmes-Siedle

So it’s October already… don’t anyone panic!  This year has been a busy one, with lots more to come, namely WTM in a couple of weeks.  But despite the tired feet from all the meetings and crossed-eyes courtesy of many a spreadsheet, I can’t help but think of the highlights so far.  All the new faces and industry friends, a hot summer full of sunshine and travel to some amazing places.

It got me thinking that sometimes waking up with bags under your eyes but a big smile on your face is all worth it and I’ve been lucky enough to experience some amazing things that cost me a wink of sleep or two:

  1. Sunrise Tour in Monument Valley (Utah)

An alarm set for 4.30am but a view and setting that I will never forget!

2. A skiing holiday… the whole thing (Meribel, France)

Early mornings and late nights filled with awesome views and parties.  What wouldn’t make you smile?  Stopping for a mid-mountain hot chocolate overlooking the peaks to a cosy group chalet night in.

3. Food, drink and friends

With good company and a gorgeous setting I can spend hours indulging, but my favourite place to do so has to be the Old Port in Skiathos Town.  Amazing atmosphere and delicious Greek food!