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Hayley Musson

The PR team’s go-to-girl, marvellous multi-tasker and researcher extraordinaire, Hayley uses her creativity, passion and head for planning developing enviable tailor-made itineraries, generating fresh ideas and creating wanderlust-inducing content for her clients.

Managing the nuts and bolts across a range of destination accounts, Hayley is on-the-ball with current media trends and understands the needs and demands of the UK market. As a PR, she will always go the extra mile to facilitate a seamless professional liaison between her contacts and clients.

Hayley holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in American Studies from the University of East Anglia to complement time spent gallivanting through the Alps with specialist holidays group Thomson Lakes and Mountains.

Outside the office, you’ll find her with her nose in a book or on a sunny weekend, exploring the English countryside with reluctant boyfriend in tow!

“I loved working with Hayley and found her really understanding of my requirements as a journalist to get the stories I needed. In the past I’ve found other travel PRs unwilling to work so far in advance or to tailor my itinerary to such an extent, so it really was a breath of fresh air.”
aaron millar freelance journalist