Reaching the Chinese market – both Inbound and Outbound

There is huge interest in the Chinese travel market now – both for Chinese outbound visitors and for Westerners seeking to explore this fascinating country.

kbc started exploring opportunities in China in 2013, with the support of UKTI and now offers distinct inbound and outbound services.

Chinese destinations and organisations looking to attract international visitors benefit from the expertise of the existing kbc marketing, sales and PR teams, working with the travel trade, media and consumers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

For organisations looking to attract outbound tourists we offer dedicated services through a specially created partner agency: China Travel Outbound.

China Travel Outbound is a UK-based company specialising in offering marketing, representation and PR services to destinations, tourist attractions and travel companies worldwide who are looking to attract Chinese tourists. Clients to date include Trainline.com, Champions Travel, Uncover Britain and One Fine Stay.  Their offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are staffed by Chinese tourism professionals who have been representing destinations and attractions in this way for over six years. To find out more about China Travel Outbound visit their website.

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