Destination British Columbia

Canada’s westernmost Province, British Columbia boasts a spectacular abundance of wildlife. Home to grizzly bears and the unique white-haired Spirit bears, orcas and other whale species, its Pacific coastline features spectacular towering inlets, old-growth rainforest, and tranquil island communities. With more than 250 vineyards, the Thompson Okanagan is a perfect getaway for wine lovers and foodies can enjoy locally sourced food here and across the Province.


Wilderness and wildlife lodges nestle amongst the thick forests of the Province, while luxury hotel rooms sit above the skyline of cosmopolitan Vancouver, an oceanfront city and the perfect base for urban exploration of cuisine, culture and adventure.

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Three things we love about British Columbia

1. Wonderfully wild – the giant natural landscapes here are on another level, with whales, porpoises, bears and many more creatures appearing to say hello at every turn.

2. Float planes – unique to the Province is the frequent use of floatplanes. Catch them as you would catch a bus, and then enjoy breathtaking views like the waters of Whistler’s Green Lake.

3. Local wineries – In the Thompson Okanagan region vineyards stretch for miles, and only stop when a lake or mountain gets in the way! In just 250km, there are more than 120 of them to explore.