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The Azores are a group of nine, beautiful, volcanic islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 1500km from Portugal. Just a three and and half hour flight from the UK, the Azores are famous for their stunning landscapes and lakes, volcanic pools and waterfalls, local cuisine, wildlife and nature

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Azores Promotional Board

Three things we love about the Azores

1. Whale and dolphin watching. The Azores is one of the best destinations in the world for catching a glimpse of these beautiful sea creatures. Swim with dolphins out at sea, or catch a glimpse of  the resident sperm whales.

2. The volcanoes. Not just beautiful to look at, the volcanoes on the islands are also dormant, not extinct, so you’ll see hot gases escape from them, and even eat food cooked in the ground and heated by the volcanoes themselves.

3. Waterfalls and lakes. There are beautiful lakes, volcanic pools and stunning waterfalls everywhere.