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Media Network Events
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At KBC we like to share our passion for our clients. Knowing what makes the media tick, our team of creatives can use our insider destination knowledge to craft unique networking event concepts that will amplify brand expose from the moment your guests walk through the door. From selecting the venue, to curating the guest list, KBC will ensure your vision comes to life. Whether looking to raise awareness of your destination, launch a new product or itinerary, or create lasting relationships with key media contacts – KBC’s Media Networking events always go off with a bang!

Here’s an example…

Tasked with generating exposure for Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota, KBC designed an interactive networking concept to educate and excite front-line travel media about these iconic US destinations. KBC hosted a ‘Wild West’ themed media networking event at Moonshine Saloon in central London. Media guests were invited to learn about the region’s rich frontier history and authentic Western charm. Through KBC’s selection of this unique venue, the event transported guests to the rugged Great American West. The immersive western experience was coupled with world-class cocktails and performances from actors bringing to life the Moonshine story of Clyde Cassidy.

Specially created Moonshine Cocktails were mixed for guests and featured a selection of local spirits including; South Dakota Ringneck Vodka and Coyote Whiskey, North Dakota Gin from Proof Distillery in Fargo plus Whiskey and Vodka from Wyoming. Cocktails featured names such as; Ole’ White Lightening, The Spicy Clyde, Coyote Ugly, Sheriffs Choice.

Media Invite Update

Whether it be a networking event or a media dinner – we are brimming with ideas to raise awareness of your brand or destination. Discover more about our event planning services here.

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