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Luxury airport terminal for precious animals

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Blog

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Flying can be a traumatic experience for humans, so it’s not hard to imagine how disconcerting it can be for pets — they suddenly find themselves in an airport with a stint in quarantine, along with an eight hour flight ahead of them. Luckily for those passing through New York, JFK is set to build a new USD 48 million terminal named The ARK, which will provide luxury pre-flight hospitality for 70,000 animals a year.


The 16,500 square-meter quarantine facility is set to open next year, replacing the airport’s old Vetport. It will provide climate-controlled stalls for horses and cows, an aviary and trees for cats to climb. Beloved dogs can enjoy a luxury resort run by Paradise for Paws— who already have three other locations in the US — complete with flat screen TVs, massage therapy and a bone-shaped pool to splash around in. The terminal is designed in such a way that animals can be transported directly to and from aircrafts, reducing stress and risk of injury. Owners will be charged to house their animals in the facility, with varying prices depending on the animal and the services required.

What’s next in the lucrative luxury pet industry?

Website: www.airport-jfk.com
Contact: info@paradise4paws.com