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Lisa Feels the Force!

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Blog

One has to wonder why one would voluntarily stand in a queue for nearly two hours?

I did that at #IPW2019 Anaheim this year so I could be one of the first of millions to experience the new Star Wars Millennium Falcon ride at @Disneyland.

Was it worth it? Hell yes!

I’m a huge Star Wars fans .. the old school and latest stuff of course – not the weird stuff they put out in the middle #noonereallylikesjajabinks.

This ride lived up to expectations and had it all; adventure, great graphics, excitement and a competitive element. #nospoilers

Would I queue again – yes I think I would …. If only to beat my rather poor score, but also to maybe have a chance to meet the Wookie! #lovechewie

I’m hugely privileged to be part of an industry that gives me these amazing opportunities! #lovemyjob #workhardplayhard #kbcmoments