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Feel the love – locally

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Blog

Whilst overseas holidays feature in our dreams on a nightly basis, like all travel PR companies we recognise that domestic tourism will be the first to return as we start our journey out of lockdown. With this in mind, last year we added some new strings to our bow to offer a competitive marketing solution for local businesses. https://www.kbc-pr.com/our-services/staying-local/

Specialising in the hospitality sector, our affordable and scale-able ‘Staying Local’ support packages are designed for local hospitality businesses to help them reach a newly invigorated audience that is already on their doorstep!

Though the core of our business remains in tourism representation and PR for a number of well renowned overseas destinations, it has been deeply satisfying to engage and learn about so many fantastic products so much closer to home.

As the lockdown begins to lift we will be rightly encouraged to initially travel little and support the fantastic array of small businesses on our doorstep, where it has been, and will be, a pleasure to help some of these great companies to raise their profile and drive some much needed footfall through their doors.

So whilst at the moment we can only dream, now is a great opportunity to start planning where that first local trip might be. And whether it’s to a boutique hotel, a fancy restaurant, an award winning vineyard or your local garden centre, I’m sure you will receive a heartfelt and genuine welcome from a business that truly appreciates your support.