Date: 20 Dec 2016

Whittard of Chelsea: brand partnership promotion

Whittard of Chelsea: brand partnership promotion
the big idea results
Raised the profile of the region to a non-travel related audience of affluent British consumers
Positioned The Real America to an audience of more than 1.25 million
Educated potential travellers about holidaying in the region
Delivered an ROI of 9:1

Whittard of Chelsea and The Real America


–Leverage the audience of a non-travel related brand with a similar audience to promote the Real America states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming

–Collect opt-in consumer data for future campaigns with a target of generating 5,500 new contacts


–Partner with Whittard of Chelsea, one of the UK’s leading retailers of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and confectionery items whose customer base consists of affluent British consumers over the age of 50

–Work jointly with US specialist tour operator Complete North America to offer a prize of a holiday to the region


–Promotional postcards in all 50 Whittard stores across the UK

–Homepage banner, blog and dedicated competition landing page on

–E-newsletter content to 362,500 Whittard subscribers

–Social media activity to 100,000+ followers


Campaign reach: 556,980

Campaign exposure: 1,263,194

Competition entries: 6,895

Opt-in contacts. 6,895

Return on investment: 9:1

Whittard of Chelsea and The Real America