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Bringing Destinations To Life:
Virginia Tourism’s Virtual Vineyard

KBC knows how to throw a party. We’re renowned in the industry for our innovative hospitality event ideas, seamless event planning, and ability to guarantee a return on your investment – whether that is measured in guest attendance, social media impressions or in resulting media coverage. We like to break the mould with our unique concepts. From intimate dinners to full-blown networking events, our team of creatives will come up with an approach that aligns with your brand identity, and find a stunning venue to match!

One great example of this is the Virtual Reality Hospitality Event we hosted for the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The vision was to bring a Virginian Vineyard to central London. By harnessing virtual reality, KBC was able to offer guests a trip to Barboursville Vineyard without their feet even leaving the ground.

Our Approach.

KBC sent a specialist VR film crew to Virginia to capture bespoke 360° footage of Barboursville Vineyard. From walking through the vines to experiencing a wine tasting, the filming captured every aspect of a visit to the winery. The film crew also recorded pieces to camera by resident winemaker Luca Paschina, with the content edited into a five minute film.

Understanding the Virginia Tourism brand inside and out, we knew that iconic London venue Kachette was the perfect backdrop to host this event. The venue, with its exposed Victorian brickwork and vaulted ceilings, provided the perfect feeling of a traditional wine cellar. Guests were given a VR headset and earphones to immerse themselves in the Virginian winery experience. Through their headsets, guests experienced firsthand the wine-making process at Barboursville Vineyard. The VR experience was accompanied by associated scents being pumped into the room; including the smell of the vines and oak barrels accompanied by a sample of Barboursville Vermentino.

The Results.

KBC Events, Virtual Vineyard 1

360 degree multi sensory VR experience

KBC Events, Virtual Vineyard 2

VIP guests

KBC Events, Virtual Vineyard 3

Resident Vintner flown to London from Barboursville Vineyard, V.A.

“The VR wine experience delivered!! We treasure your creativity, energy, connections and friendship. The Governor and First Lady are very pleased with the immediate results and outcomes of yet another successful mission and event.”
Rita McClenny

CEO, Virginia Tourism Corporation