Date: 08 Oct 2014

Video Blogging Project: Capital Region USA

Project: Capital Region USA Video Blogging Project

Client: Capital Region USA

TaskIn Capital Region USA we are lucky to have a very forward-thinking client, always receptive to new ideas and happy to be at the cutting edge. They were our firstclient to go with our recommendations of creating dedicated micro-sites and video new releases.

Implementation: Last year the focus moved to bloggers and finding a way to tap into this influential sector through the medium of film. We presented two alternative views of the diverse Capital Region working with two different established bloggers: Global Grasshopper and Our Man on the Ground, showcasing the active tourism products of Virginia and Washington, DC, with video blogs targeting the active 20 – 30 year olds, and another set following our video blogger through the historical sights of Maryland and the museums of DC, designed to engage older couples considering a cultural tour.
The project was also supported by a competition hosted on You Tube and promoted through social media to win a holiday to the Capital Region, provided by tour operator, Purely America.

More than 145,000 views across both blogs and YouTube
Media value : $975,000
Competition entries : 5315
Database sign ups : 1649
Page views : 38,247
Budget : $45,000
Timing : 2013/14