Date: 17 Sep 2014

social media marketing: Explore Georgia

social media marketing: Explore Georgia
nuts and bolts results
Increased page likes by 520% helping to develop Explore Georgia’s profile in the UK
Positioned Georgia as a top holiday destination for UK travellers with posts consistently reaching over 300,000 people each month
Educated the UK market on the destination with engagement increasing ten fold and continuing to grow

Tasked with developing online brand awareness for Explore Georgia in the UK, kbc has created a successful Facebook marketing strategy for the destination.

Generating and coordinating creative and engaging content on the Explore Georgia Facebook page targeted at the UK market; the tailored social media plan has positively increased the destination’s online visibility whilst developing a unique social media voice that reflects the state’s ‘personality’.

The day-to-day social media posts are supported with an ongoing social media advertising budget in order to ‘boost’ posts and grow page likes, as well as increase engagement seen through the improved total reach and impressions.