Date: 20 Dec 2018

Snow & Rock: brand partnership promotion

Snow & Rock brand partnership promotion
the big idea results
Raised the profile of Utah to an active audience of skiers, snowboarders and adventure enthusiasts
Positioned Utah as a year-round destination
Reached 25,000 visitors at the Ski & Snowboard Festival
Generated one excited prize winner!

Snow + Rock and Utah Office of Tourism


–Work with a non-travel related brand with an audience of active UK consumers who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities

–Promote winter activities and off-season travel to Utah

–Leverage participation at the Ski & Snowboard Festival

–Collect opt-in consumer data for all partners involved


–Work in partnership with Snow + Rock to target their customer base of winter sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer months

–Elevate the partnership with support from Ski Utah and Eider, Ski Utah’s partnership clothing line

–Work in conjunction with Ski Safari, tailor-made winter holidays operator to facilitate a prize incorporating skiing in Utah with a visit to the National Parks in winter


–Display board, leaflets and the ability to enter directly via iPad at the Ski & Snowboard Festival

–Dedicated competition landing page on

–Promotional posters and flyers in all 25 Snow + Rock stores across the UK

–Social media activity on Snow + Rock, Eider and Visit Utah UK channels

–Inclusion in two e-newsletter to 57,142 Snow + Rock subscribers


Campaign reach: 106,532

Landing page sessions: 5,985

E-newsletter CTR: 11%

Competition entries: 4,052

Opt-in contacts generated: Utah Office of Tourism 23%, Ski Utah 19%, Ski Safari 17%, Eider 18%

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