Date: 03 Jul 2014

Promoting Wine Tourism: Virginia Tourism Corporation

Project: Promoting Wine Tourism

Client: Virginia Tourism Corporation

Task: The State of  Virginia, USA is a relative newcomer to the wine industry, and has only been producing good quality wines on a commercial scale for around 30 – 40 years.  However, this excellent wine has achieved  critical acclaim and the state is now focusing much of its international marketing efforts around promoting wine tourism to Virginia.


kbc has undertaken a number of projects to promote wine tourism to Virginia.  These have included:

  • Wine tasting events with celebrity wine expert, Oz Clarke, a supporter of Virginia wines, attended by UK travel, lifestyle and food & wine writers, wine critics, travel industry VIPs and consumers.  Venues have included the Institute of Directors, Waldorf Hotel, Fortnum & Mason and Whole Foods Market, Kensington
  • Receptions, media events and meetings hosted by the Governor of Virginia during UK visits to promote Virginia’s wines
  • Press trips to Virginia’s wineries and tours of the wine routes
  • Production of videos, distributed online, to promote the wineries of Virginia
  • Issuing news information and press releases about Virginia’s wine tourism
  • TV interviews about Virginia wines and wine tourism
  • Sponsoring and organising media events, such as the Visit USA Media Marketplace and the Circle of Wine Writers’ Christmas party
  • Negotiating with tour operators to introduce dedicated Virginia Wine tours into their brochures

It is early days for Virginia Wines in the UK but we continue to work with the Virginia Tourism Corporation, the wineries, and New Horizon Wines, the UK distributor and representative for Virginia wines, to showcase the wines and to promote wine tourism as a major selling point for the state of Virginia.

Over the last three years the kbc team have worked on innovative events to help promote the ‘Virginia wine lifestyle’, working with New Horizon Wines, Virginia Tourism, suppliers , and other partners.  In addition to being a pleasure to work with, I am impressed with the high professional standards of the kbc team, their diligence and attention to detail, and their tenacity to get the job done on time and within budget.

Chris Parker
Founder & Managing Director, New Horizon Wines

Testimonial Chris Parker