Date: 01 Jul 2014

live & let fly: mainstream media promotion

mainstream media promotion kbc uk
the nuts and bolts results
Positioned the Florida Keys & Key West as a fun, funky and glamorous destination for UK travellers
Built the destination’s profile with high-level exposure across a wide range of media outlets
Secured coverage worth £195,000 (approximately) US $255,0000 in advertising terms
Reached 14.6 million consumers
Generated a 28:1 return on investment for the project

Always on the lookout for a new angle to promote the Florida Keys to UK audiences as a fun, funky and glamorous destination, when we learned of an exhilarating new activity starting up in Key West and Marathon we spotted the perfect opportunity.

Jet packing over the sea and flying through the air alongside a speed boat was exciting in itself, but we knew we needed a ‘hook’ for journalists to hang a story on. We quickly established a link between jet packing and James Bond’s adventures in Thunderball, and the 50th anniversary of the Bond movie franchise.

Using the Bond theme, we worked with the media to promote this story, selling in the story, responding to media alerts, issuing releases and generating ‘noise’ around the jet pack experience online and on Twitter.  We also appointed a specialist video production company to film the experience, and seeded it throughout UK websites with an interest in travel, James Bond, and adventure experiences.

We also successfully sold the story into Scottish TV who made a 10 minute segment on the Keys, and organised and accompanied the shoot.

We offered ‘jet pack-centric’ press trips to key titles, securing trips and coverage in the Sun, Metro, Real Travel, Men’s Health and the Financial Times.

The Keys James Bond themed jet pack experience was a hit with the UK media, and kbc secured coverage in many national print, online and specialist titles, including the Scottish Sun, the Mail on Sunday, Travelmail, Gay Star News, TTG, and MSN Travel.

In one year, total advertising value equivalent for just this one Keys experience was valued at £195,000, reaching 14.6 million readers. The ROI for this project is 28:1.