Date: 03 Jul 2014

James Bond is 50: Saga Holidays

Project: Glamorous media event to reposition a brand

Client: Saga Holidays

Task: Saga Travel wanted to make a big impression on the UK media with a unique and memorable event that would showcase the adventurous side of the tour operator, as well as their wide range of exotic and exciting holiday destinations.

Implementation: We needed a glamorous theme to shake off any image of Saga as ‘old’ or ‘fusty’, so we linked the party to the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr No, because with Bond turning 50 he becomes eligible for a Saga holiday. The event was held at London’s glamorous OXO2 Tower, and hosted over 50 of the UK’s leading travel journalists and Saga hosts.

We worked closely with the venue in the weeks running up to the event and with the UK travel media to ensure a good turn out and an impressive, glamorous evening. We were keen to showcase Saga as a ‘fun’ and adventurous tour operator. Highlights of the evening included incredible look-alike actors playing James Bond, Oddjob, Blofeld and Jaws and classic Bond girls carrying real Kalashnikovs. The evening also featured a hilarious and entertaining stunt, where James Bond interrupted the evening with a show stopping ‘bang’ from a pistol, defying evil and challenging Bond villain, Oddjob.

In addition, the event included an array of impressive Bond themed activities, such as roulette tables, live Bond themed musical performances, and a wide range of delicious cocktails (shaken, not stirred). Large-scale  projections showcased Saga’s varied and adventurous product range, and was projected on the walls throughout the venue.


The event was a hit, and kbc ensured that the UK’s leading travel media at the event had their pictures taken with the characters. Kbc set up the Twitter hashtag, #SagaJamesBondEvent, which was widely used by the media throughout the evening, with many of them tweeting pictures of themselves with the Bond characters and using the hashtag.

A big thank you to you and the rest of the team for a fab evening with Saga. It was amazing!! I’m already looking forward to being 50! Great to have a chat with one of the cruise guys too. They certainly have some very unusual destinations for the over 50s

Liz Bird
The Express

Testimonial Liz Bird