Date: 23 Nov 2018

introducing a new adventure experience to the UK

new adventure experience to the UK
Nuts and Bolts Results
Increased BC’s profile through reaching direct mail to 55,000 Scott Dunn customers
Successfully increased awareness and positioned BC as an adventurous destination for Scott Dunn Customers
Influenced opinion to generate THREE holiday bookings within the first month of the campaign  (May) for short window experience (June- July).
Activity Value: $4,000 / £2,400 as part of seven day BC itinerary.
To date Two out of four features generated a print AVE  £97,339.18 and circulation of 188,972

Destination British Columbia, introducing, promoting and selling Glacial Kayaking into luxury market with Scott Dunn.

KBC discovered a new product in British Columbia – Glacial Heli Kayaking. Knowing this would resonate with the luxury high spend audience KBC introduced it to Scott Dunn for inclusion in their product and to promote it.


Promote British Columbia’s glacial heli-kayaking to an adventurous high spend audience

Educate consumers about heli experiences in British Columbia to Encourage bookings

Endorse British Columbia through a multi-channel campaign that included a group press trip,  direct mail and adhoc social media activity

  • Inclusion within Scott Dunn’s Seriously Special – The Experiences brochure – distribution to 30,000 (no cost to DBC) and Days Like These’ magazine: distribution 25,000 (no cost to DBC)
  • Co-hosted group key media in June 2018 on a dedicated press trip to participate in the Glacial kayaking experience: Sunday Irish Independent, Elite Traveler Magazine (US and UK), National Geographic Traveller Adventure Travel Guide, City AM
  • Sunday Irish Independent an Elite Traveller magazine have both been published. AVE: £97,339.18 Print Circulation: 188,972
  • DBC investment: £5,400
galcier kayaking adventure experience to the UK

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scot dunn kayaking uk

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“On a tour of British Columbia that took in the most awe-inspiring scenery, our trip heli-kayaking with Compass Helicopters was truly unforgettable. Nick showed us the most spectacular views and our 60-minute helicopter ride over lakes and mountains, splashing around in the kayak on the bright blue ‘ice slushy’ glacial melt and our visit to a swimming hole in the middle of nowhere were all once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

Jenny Forsyth
Freelance Journalist

Testimonial Jenny Forsyth