Date: 01 Jul 2014

Consumer Advertising Campaign: Azores Tourism Promotions Agency

Project: Consumer Advertising Campaign

Client: Azores Tourism Promotions Agency

Task: We were asked to launch a brand new look for the Azores. Our objectives were to bring the Azores to a wider customer base, promoting their accessibility and diversity, whilst making them relevant to customer segments beyond their traditional customer groups.

We appointed a creative agency in the UK and briefed in a new campaign, focusing on strong messaging and people-based images. We targeted ABC adults and a younger audience. We also brought the Azores airline, SATA International, to the table and succeeded in gaining approval for an integrated creative campaign.

Implementation: The media plan included digital, press and 48 sheet poster advertising on the London Underground. We offered added value digital opportunities to our tour operator partners, and we supported the campaign with carefully timed articles in mainstream and soft adventure specialist press, and attendance at the Destinations Show.

Results: UK visits to the Azores website during the campaign were up 90% year on year, despite a reduced year on year media spend.  By the end of the campaign, the load factors on the direct flights had increased by 11% year on year. We had over 10,000 entries to competition we ran on, and our click through rates from our digital ads smashed industry averages.

The advertising campaign was supported by impressive PR efforts. During the three months of the campaign we generated over £250,000 worth of PR coverage.

Tour operators were delighted with the campaign. Without exception, they benefited from extra traffic to their websites and an increase in enquiries.

In 2014, our advertising campaign for the Azores Promotion Board won Advertising Campaign of the Year (under £250,000).Our innovative press, outdoor and digital advertising campaign resulted in a 90% increase in UK visits to the Azores website and an 11% increase in load factors on flight.

kbc has delivered an innovative and effective campaign with results beyond our expectations. They are a really professional outfit, and their staff have the right technical experience and industry knowledge to offer sound advice to specialist destinations like ours. They are part of our team and a pleasure to work with.

Francisco Gil
Azores Islands Promotion Agency

Testimonial Francisco Gil