Date: 19 Sep 2018

a growing family

LeisurePASS a growing family
Nuts and Bolts Results
Increased LPG’s profile by producing 14 press releases distributed in the UK, Ireland, the USA and China
Positioned the passes as the perfect addition to any city break by generating 2,848 items of coverage, with an online reach of more than 755 million
Educated media by providing passes to 36 journalists, bloggers, influencers and guidebook writers from all over the world
Influenced opinion by generating online and print coverage in titles such as The Mail on Sunday, the Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post
Increased revenue with a feature in the Telegraph Online available to 85 million users of the site

The Leisure Pass Group is the world’s biggest city sightseeing pass specialist. We have been promoting its European passes globally since 2013, with a focus on generating digital coverage. Our campaign is based on finding story angles that will interest the media and create exposure for LPG’s new and existing passes, working with online journalists and bloggers to arrange visits, so that the passes can be experienced first-hand.

Over a 12 month period we created and distributed many media releases, all of which were picked up by various outlets around the world. We announced the introduction of mobile ticketing in London and Dublin, and the launch of the Barcelona Pass. We used our creativity when we didn’t have a news angle, coming up with the idea of tying the Helsinki Card into Finland’s 100th anniversary celebrations, and combining Vienna Pass with the city’s famed Christmas markets.

In February 2018 we were delighted to win an expanded global brief to promote all the passes and service offerings by the growing Group, including a raft of products in most major US cities.

“the kbc team have taken the time to really understand our business, and over several years their media relationships and creative ideas have played a valuable role in boosting the profile of our european passes. with our expanded presence in 33 destinations in 16 countries across five continents, that pr support is more important than ever.”

Amanda Truman, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, The Leisure Pass Group

Testimonial Amanda Truman, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, The Leisure Pass Group