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Behind the scenes at a KBC event!

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Blog

Peek behind the curtain of our latest KBC managed event to see how our team transformed Kachette, Shoreditch, from a blank canvas into a virtual vineyard for the Virginia Tourism Corporation’s recent sales mission in the UK.

Kachette is a converted railway arch with rustic charm, exposed brick work and vaulted curved ceilings.  Our team spotted that (with a bit of styling) we could easily create a wine cellar vibe.

In comes the furniture…. Supplied by – www.eventprophire.com and www.co-ordination.net.
Next, breathe some life into the room. Our florist, Katherine Bly (www.katherinebly.com), has the mammoth task of dressing more than 80 metres of brick wall with a selection of different vines to give a visual nod towards the vineyard style. Fresh, neutral coloured flowers with plenty of greenery are added.

Attention to detail:  glass bauble tealights are dotted through the vines ….

It’s a vineyard, right?  You have to have grapes!  But the LED heart-shaped lights matching the VTC logo are pure Virginia.  Sometimes it’s the little things that count…

Live the moment … our guests enjoy a virtual reality, 360 degree immersive tour through Virginia’s Barboursville Vineyard (www.bbvwine.com), complete with multiple smells of wine, oak and fresh vines!

Curious? Check out the video – Barboursville VR
And that’s a wrap folks!