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Beach Bum or Winter Fun

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Blog

It’s the question I ask myself every year: snow or beach holiday? If I’m lucky it could be both, but what happens when you have to make the dreaded choice?

This year, despite my better judgement, I am attempting to organise a group skiing holiday.  This is a mixture of keen, gung-ho seasoned pros and first-time commitment-phobes not sure whether they can possibly give up their week in the sun for the lure of the slopes.

Here’s what I tell them:

Winter- Pros

  • The views – no matter where I go or how many times I see it, being above the clouds or looking out over snowy mountain peaks never gets old.
  • Feeling cosy – the romance of watching the snowfall from within a warm chalet, wrapped in a blanket with an alcohol-infused hot chocolate really can happen!
  • Being active – ultimately my summer holidays are an excuse to be horizontal, so there is something refreshing about skiing a leg-burner and breathing in the cool mountain air. It also allows me a large, guilt-free breakfast.

Summer – Pros

  • The views (again) – wherever you are exploring, the sunshine really brings out the colours in a landscape, whether you are looking out to the ocean or hiking through a forest.
  • Easy to explore – heading out in the morning with an exciting day ahead and only having to throw on a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops – it makes life very easy!
  • Chilled atmosphere – whether it’s café culture in the city, taking a road-trip or sipping cocktails at the bar, everything is slower-paced and more relaxed in the summer.

For me escaping the British weather and getting a change of scenery is something I never plan to give up.  So personally, I can’t make a definite decision either.  Despite the knee-pain there is just as much of a thrill in gliding down the mountain, as there is satisfaction in getting a good tan and vegetating with a cocktail on the beach!

Beach bum or winter fun:  which would YOU choose?