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BC Blitz

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Blog

The thing I have learnt about Nanaimo Bars, a sweet treat originating in BC, is that they require a lot of care.  They have a biscuit base, in the middle a creamy filing and are topped with a solid layer of chocolate. Yum!

My colleague Louise kindly volunteered to pick 70 of them up from our local bakers on Wednesday morning, getting a full body workout by carrying four full bags up a steep hill in the heat; before we packed, stacked and rushed them into the fridge to try and prevent them from melting.  Thursday morning we carefully placed them into a suitcase and gently wheeled them into London… Thankfully most made it in one piece with only a few casualties.

We were heading to Crystal Holidays for our BC Blitz, a chance for Lisa and I to meet the team and giveaway our British Columbia swag.  As the whole week had been a Canada-fest in the office we were greeted by some sore heads following the ‘apres evening’ the night before.  Perfect timing for our sweet treats, with everyone very happy for a hangover cure.

We filled our trolley with BC wine, rucksacks, luggage cubes and tags, notebooks, lip balms and even balsamic vinegar.  To get into the winter theme we put on our woolly hats, although as it was mid-August it wasn’t the coolest I’ve ever been, but we totally looked the part.

We made the office rounds with our wheelie trolley, feeling like old school dinner ladies, some people looking a bit confused and others following for a chance to get some free food.  Each person got a delicious, although some slightly collapsed, Nanaimo Bar and then picked a gift corresponding to one of our ski resorts.  Of course the wine went down a treat, the notepads were in demand and even I wanted a rucksack.  In typical British fashion though, the luggage tags received lots of ‘oooo these are my favourite…’ and ‘it must feel good to spread so much joy’, one of my favourite quotes from the day.

After an hour or so, with an empty trolley, we headed back to the kitchen slightly warmer than we started and grateful to take off our winter hats.  We enjoyed a cup of coffee and reflect bitterly on how we never got to try one of the damn Nanaimo Bars.