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App offers travel recommendations based on time of year

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Blog

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Travelers are always looking for suggestions as to where in the world they should visit next. We previously wrote about the Hitlist app which even makes the decision for them based on their social media profile. However, recommendations for any location may be better at one time of the year but not so good at others. What’s It Like is an app that aims to let users simply choose the time they’re looking to get away in order to receive a suggestion that’s perfect for the time of year.

For those with holiday time availble in early September, it may be no use trying to catch the Northern Lights in Norway as they’re best in late December. However, they might be just in time to catch the famous New England fall or the Whale Festival in South Africa. Users of What’s It Like will be able to enter in their dates of travel and receive a number of recommendations for destinations where they’ll be right on time to witness a natural phemonenon or annual activity. Still in beta at the moment, the startup is currently collecting information to drive its suggestions, as well as travel experts to advise travelers.

The app aims to make the limited time workers have off for exploring the globe more fruitful by ensuring they don’t miss out on what the world has to offer in limited timeframes. Are there other aspects of trips abroad that comparison sites can use to recommend the best options for travelers?

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