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KBC is an award-winning Travel PR,
Marketing and Representation Agency

Our intuitive ‘Staying Local’ packages
are designed to help local
businesses get back on their feet

We know American Icons.
In fact, we’ve represented 17 US States
over the last 20 years

Let us take your promotions the extra mile with targeted multi-platform campaigns

We can elevate your brand with our creative approach to event planning

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We are an award-winning agency specialising in the travel, tourism and leisure sectors. We have more than 20 years’ experience working with some of the best clients in the world! We’ve earned an enviable reputation as a results-driven boutique agency that is professional, approachable and respected. We take brands, destinations and companies, and get people talking about them. In a good way. We love to talk, so why not get in touch and find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a small selection of our most recent campaigns…

Our Clients

We are lucky to work with some of the world’s best tourism destinations and travel companies

“Working with KBC has been like a breath of fresh air!”
vicky moliner review

“KBC have eclipsed all other events – they truly outdid themselves. KBC are truly an outstanding team!”
kbc pr review diane bechamps

“KBC are aware of the individual journalist’s needs and always react quickly to requests for information. I find them to be one of the most pro-active agencies we work with.”
pr review lisa minot

“Many PRs do little more than send out press releases. KBC has ‘real’ contacts – editors trust what they say. They know their clients and believe in what they offer… and this passion shines through.”
review kathy arnold paul wade

“With their innovative spirit and positive drive, KBC does not disappoint. Without any reservations, I highly recommend KBC as the best of the best in the United Kingdom.”
maria hayworth pr review

“Put simply, we love working with KBC and know that their finger is always on the pulse.”
susan darch travel alberta

“KBC have consistently exceeded our expectations. They continuously outdo themselves with the deliverables we outline every year. A boutique firm that delivers top-notch results.”
malcombe smith us travel association

“It is always a pleasure working with KBC. They are one of the most professional representation companies in the UK, all delivered with passion and a smile.”
katheryn glover canadian sky

“KBC know their stuff when it comes to the needs of their clients and customers. Always willing to go the extra mile and I know I can trust them to deliver.”
richard harrington newmarket holidays